The Effects Of Academic Cheating On Students

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Research conducted shows that 95 percent of high school students admit to having cheated at some point in their education and about half of all college students have admitted to plagiarizing. Academic cheating has become a norm for many students during their years in school, whether it is in middle or high school. The question now becomes why kids in this generation cheat, do they cheat because they 're just that lazy to do work or just don 't understand what 's going on in class and are too scared to ask questions. Technology has played a huge role in the percentage of kids who cheat. Websites like Quizlet and Study Blue are right at the fingertips of students and they use it for the opposite purpose it was made for. There are other kids who cheat for about three main reasons. The reasons children cheat include Success above honor, overwhelmed with after-school activities and at home pressure. Can the increase in academic cheating be blamed on a number of pressure students feel to succeed?

Students understand first how important it is to succeed in the long run through their education. They also understand that money doesn 't grow on trees and it 's hard to pay for college so the best way is to have very good grades. In our education system, grades are placed on a higher in a stature than learning. This is because you can 't test learning itself however you can test "what students have learned". Many of my fellow peers have realized this and don 't focus really on…
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