The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse During Pregnancy

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The Council on Recovery, plans to address the issue of alcohol abuse during pregnancy in Harris county, TX with behavioral and cognitive-based education interventions. According to the CDC, pregnant women with the highest prevalence of any alcohol use were those that are 35-44 years of age, college graduates, or not married with lifetime-care costs estimated at over $2 million. The CDC also reports the state of Texas has 45% of any alcohol use among women aged 18-44 and 14.8% of the same age group binge drinking (FASD Data, 2015). It is this age group that The Council on Recovery will attempt to contact and educate through motivational intervention (MI) and support focus groups.
CHOICES is a program that incorporates motivational interviewing and assessment feedback counseling interventions to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancy AEP risks. This program is “a program for women who are not pregnant (but could become pregnant) and who are drinking alcohol at risky levels” (CHOICES, 2015). The mission for The Council on Recovery is to keep our community healthy, productive and safe by providing services and information to all whom may be adversely affected by alcohol, drugs, and related issues. The Council on Recovery requests funding to be able to implement the CHOICES program in Harris County, TX. CHOICES will allow participants to choose the behavior they believe will reduce their risk of an alcohol-exposed pregnancy. The CDC’s funding of CHOICES in three different…
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