The Effects Of Alcohol Related Deaths On Aboriginal People 's Health

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Throughout history, Aboriginal Canadian’s have had to endure many social injustices which have negatively affected their overall health and well-being. These injustices include items such as assimilation, oppression, segregation, and racism. While all of these injustices have resulted in poor socioeconomic and health related issues, this student feels that the introduction of alcohol has greatly added to the deterioration of Aboriginal people’s health and well-being. In fact, “75 percent of all [Aboriginal] residents feel alcohol use is a problem in their community” (Khan, 2014, para. 11). What is even more alarming to learn is that alcohol related deaths are four to nine times higher for Aboriginal Canadians opposed to non-Aboriginal Canadians (Belanger, 2014). For the purpose of this paper, this student will highlight the precipitating factor which lead to alcohol abuse, consider the negative effects associated with alcohol and how they impact Aboriginal communities, describe how one can develop a community based plan, and determine whether or not the community based plan will help to reduce alcohol abuse within Aboriginal communities.
Precipitating Factor
Before one can formulate a plan, regarding the subject of alcohol abuse and addiction, one needs to develop a thorough understanding of the introduction of alcohol within Aboriginal communities and how this introduction impacted Aboriginal health and well-being. Contact between the Aboriginal people and the European

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