The Effects Of Animal Testing On Human Society

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The use of animal testing has been going on for a long time. Although there have been many cases where people try to stop it or try to convince people that it is wrong in today’s society it is still happening all over the world. This research paper will talk about how in today’s society is racing to discover cures for diseases. How humans have made advancements in the world we have also established the scientific evolution. By doing so our ethics and morals have failed to progress. The knowledge that we gain throughout the years is remarkable but it is our responsibility to use it wisely and ethically. We heartlessly torture and kill animals that we consider lesser beings. For something as simple as eye makeup hundreds of animals are tortured and blinded by test that are being done to them in laboratories where they are hardly being fed, often forced to live in filth, sometimes they even remove their vocal cords to keep them quiet. We pour cosmetic products into their eye and body parts to determine if it will have a harmful effect on humans. Animal’s posses the same emotions and feelings as humans and without any care they are subjected to pain. Mankind fails to give animals respect they deserve, they are treated with lifeless. Something that needs to be changed.

Animal testing has been going on for centuries and it will probably continue that way if we don’t share the truth. Humans do not think that animals are on the same level as them so they treat them horribly

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