The Effects Of Bottled Water On Human Being 's Health And The Natural Environment

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Bottled water is one of products popularly consumed back to a few decades. Result from the production of bottled water, people likely prefer to drink bottled water than tap water while some researches find out the fact that water in bottle are not as safe as water provided by state companies. Why people choose to drink bottled water and whether bottled water is pure as advertisement are the crucial concerns, together with the effect of bottled water on human being’s health and the natural environment.
The statistic from the Web site shows that in 2014, the U.S consumers was spending 11.8 billion dollars on purchasing approximately 30 billion bottles. This number expresses the high rate of Americans’ consumption of
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Due to the water pollution, people living in such areas have no choice but purchasing bottled water than drinking tap water provided by the state. Besides the major reason mentioned above, people choose bottled water because of the convenience and the belief of purity advertised.
However, the crucial concern is whether bottled water is safer than tap water like people’ conjecture. Initially, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the safety of tap water, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets the standards for bottled water. Under the FDA, bottled water is considered as bottled water, drinking water, artesian water, mineral water, sparkling bottled water, spring water, purified water (2). Fig. 1. This picture illustrates the process of quality assurance of drinking water from the Nestle Company (1).

Based on the Web site of Nestle Company, bottles of Nestle water must be through the strict process from the initial inspection after collecting water from the sources to the control of the package into cases of bottles before being delivered to retailed stores or consumers (1). In comparison, residents living city of Fairfax, Falls Church are receiving tap water from the Fairfax Water Board. In the 2014 Annual Water Quality Report, the sources of raw water in Fairfax mostly come from the Potomac River and the
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