The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Childhood is where a person’s life begins and forms. Once a child is exposed to violence or is abused, it stays with them forever. A child’s brain forms daily and they are always ready to learn. So if they are taught love and care or violence and cruelty then they will sure learn this and mimic it. Once a child experiences any type of abuse they should get treated professionally as soon as possible because the longer they wait to get treated the more risk they run to have emotional problems later in their life. Child abuse affects every child no matter where they are from or how they live. For example as they grow little by little they will have trouble trying to express their feelings. This can lead to anxiety later in their lives. …show more content…

This case went all the way to the judge and Mary Wilson’s foster mother got charged with assault and battery and a one-year sentence. Mary Wilson’s case raised many voices against child abuse and in 1874 the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was formed. Most cases of child abuse occur in their own home, but there are also cases where the abuse comes from a stranger. Abuse occurs mostly when the family lives in poverty, parents who are teenagers, or have alcoholic or drug problems.
(Child growth and development, Perdue University)
Different Types of Child abuse Physical abuse in children occurs when a child is suffering physical pain from the caregiver. This type of abuse takes up 16.6% of the abuse percentage in the U.S. People who usually commit physical child abuse are people who have short impulsive control and are under heavy stress. Most people that commit physical abuse were abused themselves in their childhood. So most of the time the person does not realize that abuse is not the right way to correct a child. The symptoms of this abuse can be: black eye, broken bones, bruises, burn marks, choke marks around the neck, and when they are presented in the hospital the parent or guardian usually has no explanation for these injuries. In some situations, the injured child or an adult will regard the injury to abuse. Most of the time, explanation for the injury is

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