Essay on The Effects Of Columbine

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     The 20th of April was the anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The shooting deaths of 12 students and 1 teacher—and the two suicides of the teenage executioners and left many others psychologically and physically damaged. Who’s to blame? , On the issue of blame, of this massacre it is not music, or video games, and not even movies, it’s the shooters because everybody is responsible own actions. However, the parents could have been more involved in their lives. What parent wouldn’t notice their child listening to groups like Marilyn Manson, or I.C.P. (or known as Insane Clown Possie)(both band lyrics are filled with violence). Although, they were not totally accepted by …show more content…

After several incidents, the school guard is told to watch Eric and Dylan. This day they were “going for the big kill” in a suicide attack to coincide with Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20th. That morning in Littleton, Colorado, Dylan and Eric went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and 1 teacher—and the two suicides of Dylan and Eric. The most commonly asked question is "could anyone have stopped this senseless, horrific catastrophe?" Some say the police could have taken action when the Browns sent the print out. Other say it was movies (like the “Matrix”) having the Black trenchcoats and killing of people. The list of blame even goes as far as music. (That’s ridiculous, because I think personally that Dylan and Eric would have done it way regardless of music.) The lead singer of I.C.P said, “ Look at me? I’m 30-year-old man who wears fricken clown make-up and Marilyn Manson he has 200$ eye contact in his left eye I mean what person would listen to what say and actually do it.” Other people say it was the parents, to some extent that is true like it was stated above they could have been more involved. The only people to blame are the people that sold them weapons and the shooters, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Since then there has been lots of copycat’s of bombing and shooting threats, but some of them have ended fatally. With the deadly result of the horrific shooting at

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