The Effects Of Conflict On A Decision Making

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The objective of this essay will demonstration to what extent is conflict detrimental to a decision making. March and Simon (1958,p 112) “consider conflict as a breakdown in the standard mechanisms of decision making, so that an individual or group experience difficulty in selecting an alternative.” (Rahim, 2011, p. 15). Decision-making “is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions.” (Decision-making process - UMass Dartmouth, 2016). Furthermore, the author will provide detailed information to what extend conflict can be harmful or useful for decision making, followed by the conclusion. Conflict is normal, and we cannot avoid it. Conflicts create an atmosphere…show more content…
Conflict can produce positive results, including a greater capacity to make well-informed decisions. Viewing conflict as an opportunity to strengthen decision-making skills and implement constructive changes to office procedures and policies will result in better outcomes and improved department operations Conflict does not always come from bad decisions, but it can also arise from disagreements over a wrong decision. De Clercq, Thongpapanl, and Dimov, 2008). Academy of Marketing Science report shows that companies who works toward goals and growth often encourage conflict to make the best decision. A conflict also brings the best out of employees as it allows them to be free and individuals bring their own unique ideas and experience. (Stravato and 12, 2014, p. 18). Also, it gives the individual team member the ability to act independently. Nevertheless, in order, this to work team members must maintain the strong relationship that allows them to work together effectively. This link with destructive conflict because destructive conflict tends to create inequality and unevenness of power. Often employees feel they are judged negatively, which leads them to lose focus and confidence. Also, employees experience frustration during the conflict as their voice doesn’t have value towards decision making therefore, they tend to avoid communication with co-workers which might create additional
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