The Effects Of Cyberbullying On The Internet

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This research benefits everyone who engages in the social networking on the internet with the primary focus being the school aged adolescents and their parents. By exposing the issue in hand and the negative impacts it carries will hopefully create positive response. Not only is cyberbullying a huge threat in present time, but it can also lead to long term effects that could permanently ruin an individual going through adulthood. Some of these devastating effects include: suicide, grades start dropping, overall school participation begins to decline, depression, and vengeance (Mirsky, E. L., & Omar, H. A. 2015). The more society becomes involves in the situation, the better chance society has in creating new laws to combat cyberbullying …show more content…

present laws that are in place become a problem. The country has become divided when it comes to laws against cyberbullying. Several have implemented cyberbullying into their statutes and others have not. The computer and fraud abuse act (CFAA) is the only current federal law that is even remotely close and relevant to cyber laws and the prosecution of cyberbullying. The CFAA was set in stone in 1984 by congress as an anti-hacking law when computer crime started to become popular (King, A. V. 2010). This act was originally referred to as the counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud Abuse Act, this statute only covered large financial institutions and government computers (PBS, 2012). During 1996, certain amendments were pushed towards the CFAA under the US Patriot act. Furthermore, during that year the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act was introduced during this time. This act included language that was associated with any computer linked to the internet (PBS, 2012). CFAA’s main concern focuses on the language aspect of it. This is because the language was too vague and this prevented crimes associated with computer fraud from ever being prosecuted. According to King (2010), the argument that is brought up is that the CFAA tends to focus their attention around a crucial phase which states, that by law it is illegal to deliberately gain entrée to a computer without proper

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