Cyberbullying, An Online Harassment Of Children By Others

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Rather be Bullied or Cyberbullied
Cyberbullying is an online harassment of children by others. The works of Patchin, Shariff, and Willard, all prominent researchers in the study of cyberbullying. They found issues related to cyberbullying that can be understood. Most cyberbullying instances happen at home and is often brought to the school campus. School systems are left unsure of how to response to the bullying while balancing legal and ethnic responsibilities. Students across the nation are being bullied online and are bringing to school the residual effects of these personal attacks The issues include traditional bullying, teen social media use and cyberbullying. The issue of cyberbullying cannot truly be addressed unless it is approached reactively. It has become increasingly evident that the Internet has brought to our campuses another threat to student safety. It has come to the point where school districts have zero tolerance policies against bullying to case of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying by federal and state statue definition includes “bullying or harassment by use of an electronic communication device.”

Why do people cyberbully? Have you ever been bullied and thought people just do it to get attention? You feel like everyone is looking at you because they know you have been bullied. A tear drop, drops down from your face as you run to the bathroom to hide and think is really worth living for. Some people say that cyberbullying can end up in a

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