Does Teaching The Benefits Of Skin To Skin Contact And

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Does teaching the benefits of skin to skin contact and breastfeeding at prenatal visits increase the practice of skin to skin contact post-delivery and have an improvement in breastfeeding practices?

2. Choose a study design that you feel would work to answer your research question and answer the following below:

a. State and describe the design you will be using (*hint – this needs to be more specific than “quantitative”)

My research design is Pre-Experimental Qualitative and is also Prospective study. A pre-experimental design uses observation of a single group to cause change and qualitative design provides insight on an issue and validates comparisons. My design uses a group of women who are taught the benefits of immediate skin to …show more content…

What type of sampling would you use for your study (considering the design you have chosen of course) and why?

The population for this study is women who delivered and are breastfeeding. The reason I chose this sample is because I will be able to survey the sample to see if the mothers received education on the benefits of skin to skin contact during their prenatal classes. If they received information on skin to skin contact, they can answer questions on how that influenced them to breastfeed. A chart review would also be done to see if the mother did skin to skin then breastfeed. This group of women who did skin to skin and breastfeed would be classified as stratified random sampling because they are a subgroup of a population that delivered. Stratified Random Sampling is when a population is divided into subgroups or strata (Patton, 2014). According to Patton (2014), stratification is based on a variable that is relevant to the issue being studied.

5. What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria for your study?

Inclusions: Pregnant women who have received prenatal education and plan to have immediate skin to skin contact with their infant after delivery and plan to breastfeed.

Exclusions: Non-Pregnant women. Pregnant women who don’t receive prenatal care. Pregnant women who don’t plan to do or didn’t do immediate skin to skin contact with their

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