The Effects Of Drone Use On National Parks

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The Effects of Drone Use in National Parks
Drones have been a debatable topic since the 1930s. Some countries have banned them, some states have banned them, and even the United States National Park Service has banned them. There has been controversy for the last few years of this new rising robot on whether the U.S. National Park Service should allow it or whether it should be illegal in our parks. They were invented during World War II to help the military spy on enemies. Their technical term is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or RPA (Remotely Piloted Aerial System). Drones have been used in situations where manned flight isn’t an option. These flying robots have come in many sizes, from miniature hand-sized drones to large spy planes. …show more content…

He agreed to a plea deal that would ban him from the park for one year as well as probation in Germany. Meissner was charged with leaving property unattended, commercial filming without a permit, and violating the ban on drones. He faced up to six months in jail and fines for each violation. Most drone users in National Parks have good intentions, being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, who wouldn’t want to capture that from an artistic view? Teachers, artists, photographers, filmmakers are the ones wanting to film these national parks from a different perspective. Showing the beauty and teaching those who don’t know enough about national parks are the key reasons of these drones.
Teaching others about national parks through the internet is a great way for people to learn if they aren’t fortunate to be able to visit these parks in person. Philanthropists may see the beautiful footage a drone can capture and want to donate to the park service. If the media brings awareness to national parks it will draw in more visitors that can educate themselves on the beauty of true nature. Drones can allow visitors a new perspective on some of the magnificence of national parks, for instance the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. At this spring you can only see the many colors intertwined at eye level. When I was at Yellowstone we had to journey on a very difficult trail up a mountain to be able to see what the Grand

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