The Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Body

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The debate on drug has arisen since the 1860’s when pharmacist made an effort to regulate drugs. Drugs have always been consumed, but in an effort to stop them from spreading they’ve now been prohibited. Drugs can affect the body in such a way which an individual can hallucinate things, and could permanently damage an individual’s mind. Consequence of drug abuse can be cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and lung disease. Some people become addicted to drugs to the point where they have to depend on them to live or for a certain time until they can completely withdraw from the drug. Alcohol, which is legal, also has substances that can negatively impact an individual’s health, however, it is part of multiple traditions where people accustom to drink wine or beer with their meal and unfortunately having the privilege to try it has been abused and has also become addictive. That is why I believe any substance that puts a body at risk should be limited and only prescribed. Having acknowledged the physical limitation drug posses over a human, drugs should be kept illegal. One of the major compelling arguments about drugs is the benefit of its cost, which I feel there isn’t. Legalization will only allow for violence to increase, and will not be enough to get rid of the black market. Instead of getting rid of prohibition there are alternatives to seek for making the system stronger and save our citizens. One of the biggest debates about the drug war is

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