The Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Many believe that drug and alcohol abuse are related to being a “bad” person, but what if you save lives as a living? A large majority of substance abusers have either been traumatized or have come from a bad background--scarring and causing them to seek out a way to make themselves feel better without having to tell someone. The newest series to hit Netflix, Nurse Jackie, shows addiction, and it’s lack of discrimination, in its truest form as an amazing nurse, Jackie Payton, struggles to juggle her family, work, and addiction.
Abuse of drugs and alcohol have become quite the uproar in not only adults but teens as well in the past years. Many of these individuals are trying to escape a past ghost or decision by either drinking or drugging their problems away. This may not be the safest or most socially accepted way of dealing with problems, but it is the most popular one occurring throughout the world. The people abusing substances are usually lonesum creatures that drive off of isolation and are very prideful. They do not like having people know that they are hurt so they help themselves to what they can get. For most, the “help” they find to relieve themselves is some sort of drug or large amounts of alcohol. People do this because it allows them to remain neutral as stressful things happen throughout their lives, making them feel in control of what is going on. This makes them no different from someone going to a doctor; these people want to feel better so they do

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