The Effects Of Food On Food And The Processed Materials Essay

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Throughout my lifetime, I have always eaten everything that pleased me. If I wanted a cookie, I would have seven. If I wanted to eat ramen at twelve o’clock at night, I would get up and cook it. I never had a problem with eating immense amounts of food. In contrast, my mother always believed that I ate too little. Therefore, I was always encouraged (sometimes forced) to consume anything and everything when I felt the smallest inclination to eat. I never thought about where the food came from or what process was used to make and ship these goods. If I desired food, there was nothing stopping me from having it. My roommate in college, however, changed my perception of food and the processed materials.
Melody, my roommate, is a true vegan, not eating any types of meat, seafood, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, or gelatin. Her diet is greatly restrictive and requires immense planning and calculation. As a college student, choosing the food that we eat is a luxury. Therefore, she never has anything to eat in the dining halls as there are no food options for vegans. Instead, she survives on a diet of lettuce, mixed vegetables, beans, and rice every day. Even through this adversity, she is dedicated to her diet. In a world where only a few items are made without butter, eggs, cheese, or milk, I do not know how she resists her temptation to break out of her regimen.
In numerous parts of the world, people restrict their diets voluntarily. Some individuals simply sacrifice one specific

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