The Effects Of Food On Our Environment, The Economy, And Our Overall Health

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The United States provides accessibility to an unlimited diversity of food. Restaurants such as Golden Corral allow people to eat as much as they can. However, what could be wrong with eating? It was not until I was talking to my grandmother that I became aware of the problem of overconsumption. My grandmother, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, has never seen so much food on one plate. She was surprised when she saw the big food portions served in the United States compared to her native country. Overconsumption of food has progressively become worst over the past few years. This problem is not only affecting the population by causing obesity, but it is also affecting our environment, society and economic system. As I was …show more content…

A solution to the overconsumption problem is also offered. It is necessary to create awareness by educating people about the issue. In the book by Zimring, I identified several points that are relevant to overconsumption. First, defining the word “consumption” as a “way of living” implies that it is part of our behavior. It is a habit of the most Americans to overconsume, therefore, individuals do not see the seriousness of the issue. Second, the evidence used portrays the problem of overconsumption in the past years and the misuse of the world’s resources. Third, I found very interesting how the book shows the economy as a contributor to overconsumption. Moreover, his argument is based in a capitalistic economy such as the one in the United States. In other words, we as a capitalist nation are the cause of overconsumption. Although Zimring argument is convincing, his solution and call for awareness will not be enough to solve the problem. We need more action to stop overconsumption. “Overconsumption of Food Wastes Money, Creates more Pollution” provides me with more information and a similar solution for overconsumption. The article was published by Elissa Torres, a journalist to the Golden Gates Xpress. The tone of Torres’ article is sarcastic at the beginning. Torres makes fun of the “smell of overconsumption” when a person opens the refrigerator and finds the rotten food from weeks ago. The article provides

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