The Effects Of Full Mouth Disinfection On Insulin Sensitivity

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The Effects of Full Mouth Disinfection on Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes with and without Chronic Periodontitis the experimental research was aimed toward the problem of the high periodontal disease prevalence amongst individuals with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes: admittedly the researchers found periodontal prevalence rates to be generally higher in diabetics than in those free of the systemic disease (as cited Srirangarajan, Setty, Satvanaravan, & Shetty S, 2016). Literature review can be found within column 2 on page 103, and columns 1 and 2 on page 104. The report used 48 references: 48 of the 34 references came from primary sources, while the remaining 14 came from secondary sources. Experiments were aimed “to…show more content…
Type 2 diabetic clients are at higher risk for diabetic complications in the presence of chronically elevated glucose levels: consequences include higher risk factors for cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, skin conditions, loss of hearing, and Alzheimer’s disease (Mayo Clinic, 2016). The researchers proposed two hypotheses. The conventional hypothesis proposes that full-mouth SRP (independent variable) of periodontally involved (IV) patients would not have an effect on type 2 diabetic insulin resistance blood glucose, or total insulin levels (dependent variables). And in opposition, the alternative hypothesis presents full mouth disinfection (IV) of non-periodontally involved patients (IV), to improve the effect on type 2 diabetics insulin resistance, blood glucose, and total insulin levels (DVs). The population of type 2 diabetics were identified. Participants were recruited from the pool of patients visiting the Out Patient Department of Periodontics, Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, and the Postgraduate Research Center (Srirangarajan, et al., 2016). Sampling occurred for 8 months and contained 60 recruited participants. The sample was conveniently selected from the population (convenience sample reference, text book). Protection and integrity of human rights were maintained. The researchers consulted with participant’s Physicians prior to conducting periodontal therapy. The
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