The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Geoengineering is the on purpose mass manipulation of the environment, in an attempt to stop or slow down the effects of global warming. It is being used as we speak to help save the atmosphere and slow global warming. Although it’s known that global warming is changing the planet for the worse, is Geo-Engineering the best way to fight it? Global Warming is melting our ice caps and sea levels are constantly rising at an alarming rate. If it is not combatted many major cities will be wiped off of the planet. The world has been combating geoengineering for a while with emitting chemtrails one among many of ideas. Although many ways are quick and relatively cheap, they all have their downsides.

A popular tactic is the chemical
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Their purpose is to reflect the sunlight back into space and lower the planet’s temperature. This process is known as global dimming. These little particles leave thick lingering streaks in the sky and take unusually long to dissipate. Organizations have been intervening in the climate to bring down the temperatures of the planet. Even though they may appear to be regular plane contrails, after a while it is easy to tell the difference.

These pieces of aluminum hurt humans in a large way too. As the small particles drop down to the ground they end up everywhere. The sprayings are regular, but usually are done on sunny clear days. They end up in lakes and ponds and even in our lungs. These particles made up of small pieces of metal are mostly aluminum. The high concentrations can cause brain damage and many other problems such as kidney failure, nervous system impairment and memory loss at times. The particles can also mess up our digestive systems. Even though it may seem easy to combat if you stay inside for us it is even harder. The same water that is infected by the aluminum runs off into our lakes, ponds, and streams and into our wells. The same wells that supply us with all the water our homes receive. Now kids are being born with more respiratory problems as a result of the high levels being passed from their mother. Even though it is widely seen scientists to this day continue to deny this idea. When brought up in press conferences
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