The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Global warming is one of the biggest critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century. Releasing carbon dioxide at contemporary rates will soon thrust Earth’s temperature significantly up. If the world keeps on going to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, crossing a threshold will hurt all aspects of human civilization: food, water, health, energy, economy and national security and of course, the environment which is the most important aspect. How does it influence our life? What are the effects of global warming you might ask yourself? Well, there are many effects that global warming is having on the environment, particularly rise of sea levels, melting of glaciers, and climate change.
One of the main motivations for the ocean level rising is that an unnatural weather change is creating hotter temperatures and ice-tops and icy masses are dissolving. Ocean levels rising would impact 70% of the world 's populace and 11 of the 15 greatest urban communities on the planet since they are situated on the drift. In the course of the most recent century, the ocean level has risen five to six crawls and it is relied upon to rise 0.6 to two feet in the following century (“20 Countries Most At Risk From Sea Level Rise” 1). An essential reasons for an unnatural weather change and the levels of the seas rising are greenhouses gasses, including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The gasses are decimating the air, bringing about the temperature to…
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