The Effects Of Gun Control On America Essay

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The Effect of Gun Control on America

Guns have been prevalent in the United State’s culture for hundreds of years. Firearms have been, and still are being used for hunting, protection and even sport. In fact, if it was not for the help of firearms, we would not be graced with the many freedoms we have today. Currently, owning and obtaining a firearm is a controversial topic that sparks heavy emotions. Many people argue for eliminating all guns, and applying heavier regulations to prevent tragic violent crimes involving firearms. Although gun violence is inevitable, we can easily reduce the number of fatalities and injuries caused by firearms. This can be done by adding and introducing stricter regulations on the buying and selling of guns, background and mental health exams, and making our political leaders take action. These proposals will make sure these weapons are owned by responsible citizens, and not in the hands of the wrong people who intend to harm others.

Naturally, if something is going wrong, it is logical to target the source of the problem, and remove it to try another tactic. Removing all firearms from every American citizen seems like an easy fix to eliminate gun violence. Unfortunately that motion is unrealistic, making something illegal does not make it disappear. For example, many Americans choose to use illegal drugs, and the fact that these substances are illegal does not phase them, as they continue to buy and sell these narcotics. Whether we like

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