Argumeative Essay : The Impacts Of Gun Control

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Tutor Course Date Control of guns Problem statement Gun control refers to the restricting of an individual from possessing and using a gun by law. In the current world which we live today a lot of aspects which pertains the issue of gun control can be best measured through the process of conducting surveys and coming up with answers which will provide truthful answers to the issue discussed. In most nations across the world, they have formulated a policy which is used to restrict or permit the use of firearms which includes putting some of them as lenient. It is also true those jurisdictions in a given state power to regulate the contact to any given firearms and restricts individuals who are given the authority to have access to guns. In this argumentative paper, I will discuss the impacts of gun control and argue for their control. What the arms has caused over the time and how we need to regulate them from civilians’ for instance in the United States, there are a lot of guns in circulation as citizens are allowed to possess gun which makes them dangerous as they can cause death anytime. Therefore, due to the presence of exposure of civilians to guns ownership many people have lost their lives hence in order to curb this new rule and regulations and the amendment of laws should be put in place to make sure that guns ownership is controlled. Literature Review A. The article which raised awareness about the use of guns was published in The New York Times and was titled

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