The Effects Of Homeless Conditions, Drug Abuse, And Mental Illness

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A study of the Impact a Correlation of Homeless conditions, Drug Abuse, and Mental illness has on the Health and Wellbeing of Individuals
Robin Mullineaux
Salt Lake Community College

This paper utilizes five peer reviewed articles for the purpose of identifying the interconnections between psychiatric conditions, self-medication and Homelessness. Depending on the severity of the psychiatric disorder, circumstances can lead to a homeless situation or nomadic lifestyle. It will also cover issues like how these influences affect societal issues such as crime violence, abuse, health troubles and communication difficulties with others due to the problems that these individuals have with their thinking process.
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They could be homeless because of many different reasons. There are those who have lost their homes, are rejected by family members, or have problems with drug addiction, mental illness, and other reasons.
There are many variables when it comes to talking about substance abuse and addiction. According to (L. Lagoni, 2010), links are present between mental illness and self-medication referred to as the self-medication hypotheses. The research in this peer reviewed article was comprehensive and viewed psychiatric disorders from many different angles. They looked at illicit drug and alcohol users and found that many mental health disorders such as Thought, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, and APD are connected to many societal issues which include homelessness, health issues, unemployment crime, and early deaths.
The same study also associated the self-medication hypotheses (SMH) to Gender, Race, Previous Diagnosis, and Sexual trauma. It continued to look at people that are non-compliant to Psychiatric drug treatment and it showed how individuals present with different mental disorders but do not seek treatment for their psychiatric condition. These individuals seek forms of self-medication like drugs and alcohol rather than seek regulated psychiatric treatment. The researchers had a hard time completing the study as many of the candidates dropped out to seek self-medication once again. The discussion portion of the study held that the dropout rate for

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