The Effects Of Huey Long 's Bills Affecting Our State

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Has anyone here ever stopped and wondered why LSU is the size it is today or why there never seems to be a shortage of schools wherever you go in the state. Whether you have or not, these are both causes of Huey Long’s bills affecting our state, also known as the reign of the Kingfish. Huey Pierce Long was born on August 30, 1893, in the town of Winnfield located in Winn Parish to Mrs. Caledonia Long and Mr. Huey Long, Sr. The young Huey was the seventh of nine children (his younger siblings being named Earl and Lucille), and he lived the life of a farmer’s child. Although he lived in an environment that offered little time for leisure or even education, Huey’s parents emphasized education in each of their children’s lives along with individual expression and competition. The family was also a group of astute Christians with their daily Bible studies, attending church twice a week, and frequent attendance to gospel revivals.
As Huey grew, there was no school for him to go too. Therefore, his mother home-schooled him with his eight siblings until a formal education was accessible. While being homeschooled, Huey studied penmanship, writing, math, history, classic literature, and poetry along with the Bible being the mainstay of his teachings. By age eleven, Long started going to a public school in fourth grade. He was far ahead and bored by the teachings. He eventually persuaded his teacher to let him skip seventh grade. He further continued onto the completion of

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