The Effects Of Internet On The Society And School Settings Essay

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Internet use in the society and school settings has dramatically increased over the past decade, and this is attributable to the huge reduction in Internet charges. Most tutors use the Internet as a teaching tool, but students often use it even outside the school as a recreational tool – surfing and reading interesting articles and video streaming. Today, people repeatedly chat online, and it is not surprising that one can find a group of individuals reticent in a room – not talking to each other, but they are very busy chatting with other people on the Web. In other words, people, especially young adults, take for granted an offline interaction and give thoughtful attention to their online friends whom perhaps they have never physically met before. Young adults surf the Web all night, and this leads to insomnia. Repeated use of the Internet is a compulsive behavior which could result in addiction if caution is not taken. According to Huang (2010), Internet pathological behavior and drug addiction are similar since both of them are compulsive behaviors. Search (2004) also points out that Internet addiction is currently being given equal attention as alcohol and substance abuse and pathological gambling as severe forms of dependence. Younes, Halawi, Jabbour, Osta, Karam,Hajj, Khabba. (2016) identified that poor planning abilities together with tolerance and preoccupation are the primary indications of internet addiction. Frequent Internet users such as young adults can get

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