Michigan Jobs

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Jobs, the most crucial part of every state, seems to vanish increasingly every second, which leaves Michigan and its workers struggling to survive. One key point everyone seems to appears overlook is that regardless of how little of a job loss that a state experiences, it ultimately has a colossal impact. Nowadays, there are numerous states that experiences a form of job loss on a normal basis because of companies, who think making a quick buck should come before they would help their local economy. Aside from the high unemployment rates, these states lose money due to outsourcing and often cut pay for the new and remaining workers. Michigan is just one example of a state with a huge job loss that not only affects the main industrials, but also affects the workers and their families who live in the state. The auto industry is one of the gigantic sources for jobs in the state of Michigan, so it does not take a genius to figure out the impact of the job loss in auto industry. Significant restructuring in the auto industry, accounted for the majority of job losses in Michigan. Altogether, from December 2000 to December 2007, Michigan lost 211,000 in the auto industrial. Nevertheless, ever since the auto industry has started to close multiple of their plants down, it has been hurting the economy and their employees in a variety of ways. Firstly, with the closure of plants, they have laid off numerous amounts of workers for long periods of time. Accordingly, numerous of them will

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