The Effects Of Life On Our Galaxy

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Personally, the idea of either being alone in our galaxy or not alone in our galaxy gives me the chills. Our place in the Universe is undefined because of our lack of knowledge and insight. As of now, life on Earth is the only known intelligent life, but there are hypotheses and theories that suggest otherwise. I believe that the probability of life in our galaxy is high and that we have a high probability of finding it.
The definition of life is ambiguous since scientists cannot reach a definition that incorporates a concrete set of factors that can accurately encompass every form of life. However, according to Andrew Knoll, the Fisher Professor of Natural History, there are three primary groupings of life. These classifications of life …show more content…

The first and arguably the most non-negotiable condition needed for life is liquid water. This is because every form of life on Earth requires liquid water and if we are going to find something identical to life on Earth, we will look for places that have similar necessities for life. Liquid water is a necessity because science has not discovered an organism that has proven water is dispensable. This compound has not only started life on Earth but also has assisted in advancing our civilization. Without it, there would be no keeping ourselves or our food clean, supplying a method of travel, or a power source.
The distance from the host planet is another determinant of if life could possibly exist on a certain planet. This one is the possibly the most particular condition due to the relationship between location and temperature. The orbit cannot be located too close to the host star as the temperature would be too high and water would vaporize. In contrast, the orbit cannot be too far away from its host star as the temperature would be too low and the water would be frozen. For the planet, it is essential to have a circular and stable orbit around the host star. This is because if the orbit is stretched and unrestrained, it will generate extreme temperature fluctuations which will forbid the evolution of stable life. According to Refugees for Life in A Hostile Universe, the orbit has a range that the planet needs

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