The Controversy: The Possibility Of Alien Life

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Aliens have fascinated and enthralled many generations of people. The subject has plagued popular media and the scientific world since we found out about the other planets in our solar system. As Stephen Hawking once said, “From the aliens’ point of view, what’s the point of crossing vast tracts of the universe in a hi-tech ship just to abduct some lone earthling? … And if governments are involved in a cover-up, they’re doing a much better job at it than they seem to do at anything else”(“Into the universe”)! While the possibility of alien life is a matter of controversy, scholars and scientists alike have brought their own facts and opinions out. All while searching for the answers somewhere in the cosmos. However hard it may be to believe,…show more content…
4 of the planets are in the habitable zone, meaning they could potentially support life. Meanwhile we have a planet that could have had life right here in our own solar system,“But the discovery that liquid water was once present on the Martian surface means, in Bortman's view, that living organisms might have been there, too.” (“There may have been”). The fact that mars may have held life is incredible, and realistic, after all where there is water there is life.“What the evidence does indicate, though, is that Mars was once a habitable world” (“There may have been”) which goes to show that while we don't have any specimen to examine, we can look at the facts and see that life did exist a one point in…show more content…
The universe is too massive to describe in words, and is always expanding, mars could have once held life, and NASA has already discovered other habitable planets. There is no reason to scoff at the notion of alien life, the facts are too numerous, but we always need more. More discoveries and theories to keep the dream alive, that's why people should be more invested in space exploration, problems we have on this planet could have solutions on others. The universe could hold answers to questions we haven't asked, and to those queries we have, it's just a matter of whether or not we’re ready for
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