The Effects Of Motor Vehicles On The Environment

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Abstract The following report outlines the impacts that motor vehicles have on the environment as well as detailed strategies aimed at minimizing these impacts. The conducted research found that the effects of motor vehicles cause significant harm to the environment in various ways. Through the emission of toxic and greenhouse gases as well as the usage and disposal of non-renewable resources, a number of environmental symptoms were occurring: - Increase in the Earth’s greenhouse effect, and therefore contributing to Global Warming - Usage and disposal of natural non-renewable resources at unsustainable rates - Contamination of wildlife habitats and obstruction of ecological growth - Decrease in air quality with visible effects (haze and smog), particularly in urban environments Strategies were developed in order to improve the effects of road transport and to help fight the environmental symptoms caused by these effects. The strategies aimed at improving the manufacturing process of motor vehicles, reducing the emissions of road transport, minimizing the fuel consumption of drivers and reducing the demand for travel. They consisted of: - Implementing systems which encourage automotive recycling - Utilizing clever urban design in conjunction with building legislation thus helping develop dense living areas - Educating drivers on driving techniques and assisting them to minimize their fuel consumption - Utilizing new technologies such as hybrid cars and biofuels which offset
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