The Effects Of Music On Human Mind

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A large number of scholars have tried to look for explanations of the impact of music on human mind. As such, the search for the answers has attracted researchers from various disciplines, including anthropology, musicology, psychology, and computer science. Many scholars have written about the importance of this research because of its effects on social attitudes and depression. Thus, psychology of music studies the psychological states underlying activities, such as listening, playing, and composing music. Currently, the use of music has been incorporated in clinics. Music therapy is referred to as the evidence-based application of music interventions to achieve individual goals inside therapeutic association.
Hence, many scholars have written much in support of the psychology of music. The majority of researchers believe that the power of music is so strong that people would have been dull without music. From giving pleasure, to entertainment, to emotional regulation and advertisement, amongst other functions, music is one of the best inventions of people. As such, this paper centers on the psychology of music starting with its functions and various scholars’ interpretations of the link between individual behavior and music and ending with a perspective on why different individuals have different music preferences. To begin with, music listening seems to be one of the most popular ways of entertainment and spending leisure time. “Nevertheless, the interest in music is
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