The Effects Of Music On The Cardiovascular System Essay

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According to the American Psychological Association (2016), the human cardiovascular system involves the heart, arteries, and veins that react in conjunction to various forms of stress (para. 9). Chafin and her associates recognized that much research has been conducted on how stress can have a negative impact on the human body and how prolonged or excessive stress can be associated with the onset of high blood pressure and heart related diseases. The basic foundation of this scientific experiment was to test whether music had any influence in reducing stressed related effects on the cardiovascular system. However, these researchers wanted to expand their investigation one step further by studying the effect of music on an individual’s stress levels once the stressor was removed and no longer existed. One particular study that the researchers referenced was the 2002 study of Glynn, Christenfeld and Gerin, that indicated an association between an individual’s emotional reaction and their ability to rally back to normalcy. They discovered that if the individual’s focus was no longer on the stressor, they rebounded quicker than those who were continuously connected emotionally to the stressful event. Such continual reliving of the event may have both a long-term physical and emotional toll on the individual. Also in their observations, the researchers reflected on the known medical benefits of music. They cited how music has been tested and shown to reduce anxiety and its

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