The Effects Of New Plants, Animals, And Technologies Altered The Natural ( Physical ) Environment Of North America

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1. Explain how the introduction of new plants, animals, and technologies altered the natural (physical) environment of North America. Think Columbian Exchange.
The introduction of new plants, animals and technologies had great impact on North America’s environment. For example, horses were amongst the many animals introduced, as a result, the native people were able to travel longer distances in a shorter period of time, and hunt more effectively. Other animals that were introduced include pigs, cattle, and accidentally, the black rat. Alongside the black rat came the Bubonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague was not the only disease introduced to North America by the Europeans. Some of the diseases introduced were influenza, smallpox, measles, and scarlet fever. Crops that were introduced include sugar, coffee, wheat, and rice. These plants were new to the native people and animals, so some adjustment was required.
2. Explain the effects the altering of the environment had on various groups in the colonial period. Think native people and European colonizers (farming practices) The effects of altering the environment were substantial for Native Americans in the colonial period. There were a considerate amount of changes, some of them proving to be quite favorable, such as the new addition of horses, firearms and the introduction of trade. However, not all changes were beneficial, many were rather malicious. One of the major negative effects was fatal diseases brought to the

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