The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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With the ever growing epidemic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and extended and more frequent deployments, the supportive approach is not only utilized, but is essential. The average deployment for the Army is 12 months deployed, followed by 12 months at home station, quite an extended separation from family. Reports have also shown that 5.5% of the population has been diagnosed with PTSD, whereas 13.2% have been identified within operational military units that have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan (Crum-Cianflone, Frasco, Armenta, Phillips, Horton, Ryan, Leardmann, 2015). These numbers emphasize the importance of leaders within the military to utilize the supportive approach to provide for their follower’s well being and assist…show more content…
In the Air Force, we have what is known as the Airmen Comprehensive Assessment (ACA). These are completed at least twice a year and require the subordinate to rate his or her performance and allow the supervisor to them provide them feedback on where they are and how to get to the next level. These opportunities are used to set clear standards as to what the expectation of the supervisor is, as well as, set challenging goals for the Airmen in preparation for their responsibility at the next rank. There is a multitude of different power within the military. The most utilized power in the military is the coercive power, or the leader’s perceived ability to punish. You often see this in the military because of our different laws highlighted in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Followers tend to fall in line when the leader giving direction is capable of punishing their insubordination. This level of power is given to people as they progress in rank and is respected among followers but is not necessarily influential. The military requires its members to comply with the rank of those appointed above them and therefore by military law you must follow lawful orders or receive the appropriate level punishment. However, this does not guarantee you the influence of a more charismatic leader. Followers are receptive by force, but the quality of work suffers because followers are doing the bare minimum. They may follow the orders, but they would not
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