The Effects Of Racial Discrimination On Society

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Prejudice strongly relates to Edward .R. Murrow’s idea that everyone is a prisoner of their own experiences. This means that prejudice and discrimination can cause a person to feel trapped and imprisoned in their own life. When you judge someone on the basis of something that isn’t their fault it’s called prejudice. Prejudice is usually polarised; this means that people victimise others that appear opposite to themselves. For example, different races tend to victimise each other. Insecurity is going to be a key theme in this essay, due to the fact that discrimination can affect someone’s personal stability and cause someone to become extremely isolated and insecure. In this essay I will be talking about the effects of racial discrimination on society. I will be comparing and contrasting John Steinbeck’s book: Of Mice and Men – set in the 1930’s, John Agard’s poem: Half-caste set in 2004 and Maya Angelou’s poem: Still I rise – set in 1978. All of these pieces link to racial discrimination and prejudice in some way. I am going to be exploring the similarities and differences in these pieces. I am also going to be explaining how these pieces help us to understand how prejudice can affect personal and social insecurity.

In the book: Of Mice and Men Curley’s Wife is polarised by the other ranch workers simply because, she is a women and is considered useless. The quote: “You God damn tramp,” highlights the fact the other men have minimal respect for her. The word “tramp”

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