The Effects Of Renewable Energy On Our Environment

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Today, Australian’s are beginning to recognise the dangers that are associated with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are substances such as coal that are formed within the earth. (Origin Energy, 2015). At present the fossil fuel coal, is supplying 73% of Australia’s energy (Origin Energy , 2015) manly due to its excessive availability, however due to its toxic emissions has made Australia on of the highest green house gas contributors in the world. Renewable energy is sourced from products that can be replenished and are more sustainable for our environment. With Australia’s increasing demand for electricity there are debates that we should be moving towards renewable energy to cut down our annual emissions as well as cut costs on electricity. There are many types of renewable energies that are becoming available in Australia, including solar, tidal, geothermal, wind, nuclear and many more. Some of these energies particularly solar and wind energy could be potential alternatives in supplying Australia with electricity as they are cheap and could reduce our carbon emissions significantly. COAL ENERGY Coal is one of the main fuel source used in Australia to supply most of our electricity needs The process for making electricity is quite simple and cheap yet has some extreme downfalls such as poisonous emissions. Briefly, the process involves burning coal so that the heat converts the surrounding water into steam. The steam spins the turbines, where it is attached to a

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