The Effects Of Technology On Child Development

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Technology has become very important in the lives of many since the revolution of technological advances that the 21st century has brought upon us. Through the years technology has been improved and therefore the exposure to technology among the younger generations that have access has increased. In the time when the “Baby Boomers” were children there was no such thing as a ipad or cell phone. The “gen X and millennials” started to have exposure to technology at a young age but not quite like the current pre-schoolers. Devices and consoles have been added to the childhood pastime of the which in return inevitably has brought changes to their behaviors in the current time and will continue to cause changes in the future. These changes prompted the question; to what extent does technology use affect the development of a child during their early years of school? Scholars and institutions address the benefits of technology in the development of necessary skills for children with disabilities along with the downfalls for children from studies that show how it affects their behavior negatively such as causing ADHD (Caroline Miller). Does access to technology give an advantage to the child or does it negatively impact their development, which in the future will determine their success.
Researchers across the world are interested in the long term effects of a generation that has grown up with technology, therefore many are to speculate and study the changes in the
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