The Effects Of Tobacco On The Society

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Tobacco companies make nearly $1 million every hour a day or $24 million a day. Tobacco has been around for centuries, as far back as the american indians. Tobacco was one of the first crops grown for money. The amount of pollution and harm the tobacco and cigarette companies cause every year is alarming. Tobacco is hurting the country through pollution, cancer causing chemicals, and debris of tobacco products. “The cigarette is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation” (Proctor). Cigarettes are harmful to everyone, including the environment, and anyone near a cigarette smoker or someone who abuses tobacco. If tobacco companies do not slow or stop producing harmful products like cigarettes and cigars then they will…show more content…
Among middle-aged persons, tobacco use is estimated to be the most important risk factor for premature death in men and the second most important risk factor in women (following high blood pressure) in 2010–2025 (Smoking’s Death Toll). One way to understand better how to address this issue, tobacco deaths need to be monitored closely, and this can be done best if death registries systematically collect data on tobacco use status. Currently, data on tobacco deaths mostly come from individual epidemiological studies (Smoking’s Death Toll).Which can be effective but not nearly as much as the data that would come from death registries.
Pollution is getting worse and will continue to get worse unless we do something about it. Getting rid of tobacco products could decrease pollution rates and help prevent further pollution. The pollutants generated by the cigarette arise from the chemical process of burning organic matter, or combustion of tobacco and paper. Combustion processes, such as wood burning or waste incineration, emit thousands of pollutants, some of which are in the gas phase and some of which are in the form of small particles called particulate matter. Particulate matter (PM), also known as particle pollution, is a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets that get into the air. Once inhaled, these particles can affect the heart and lungs and cause serious health effects (Particulate Matter).
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