The Effects Of Trauma On Mental Disorders

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Throughout our lives it is almost a guarantee that we will all experience a traumatic event that changes who they are and their view on the world entirely. Whether it is war, abuse or some type of accident, we can all fall as victims. These experiences often have the ability to manifest themselves into a mental disorder or some other type of negative effect. Furthermore, even though being diagnosed with a mental disorder can itself seem devastating, there are often even more effects that can come along unless properly treated. Therefore, because trauma is so broad and has so many victims, it is imperative that the fields of psychology and forensic psychology study the matter thoroughly. Being that a host of different mental disorders or negative effects can come from one’s traumatic experiences, it does not matter what stage of life the experiences are had, being a part of a serious and traumatic episode can allow these negative effects to stay with someone for their entire lives. For all these reasons and many more the study of trauma has become one of most importance and new theories are always being studied. History of Trauma The first reported researcher to delve into mental illness was Jean Charcot, a doctor in the late 1800’s. He was a medical doctor at Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France and at the time was in no way interested in psychological phenomenon. It is said that while Charcot was caring for women in a hospital and specifically studying hysteria.
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