The Effects Of Violence On Family Violence

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The bonds that exist between family members are to make you feel the safest and most secure. Unlike other forms of relationships the bonds between family members already exists though it could be easily impacted and broken. When looking at violence in families one wonders that, what could possibly cause violence to occur amongst the most secure relationships such as family? Family violence is any type of abuse whether it is in a form of physical or emotional abuse. It could be a simple mistreatment of neglect that is experienced by someone within a secure relationship. It not only affects the person being abused but also the people who hear or are present at the time of the abuse. Using the theories of , B.F Skinner and Emilie Durkheim it will be explained the effects of violence that one faces and how it impacts everyone around them.

Anthropology: When looking at family violence from an anthropological perspective it is seen that many factors could be the cause of the rise of this kind of behaviour. There are many cultural considerations that must be taken into account when recognizing and responding to family violence, whether it is domestic or even child abuse. State theorist and relate back
In many cases there is cultural background and identities are present within violence situations. It can be seen that a person’s cultural background impacts the way individuals deal with abuse. There are many cultural factors that contribute to this kind of behaviour…
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