The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Children Essay

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Many parents in today’s society are adamant about their teenagers refraining from playing violent video games. Specifically, parents worry about their children playing mature-rated video games that feature blood, gore, vulgar language, use of drugs, and intense violence. Quite a few of these parents believe that their children can be heavily influenced by these brutal video games, which will in turn raise their teenagers to become violent, aggressive, and criminal minded individuals. In hindsight, these parents have good reason to protect their offspring from being mentally harmed by what they interact with. This idea that parents believe that their children will develop criminal behavior and become violent individuals is actually a common misconception that many parents hold to be true. In fact, there have been studies that have shown the benefits of youth playing these violent video games and how it positively affects their mental skills and brain development. Parents from not only from the United States, but also from around the world in general do not want their teenagers playing violent video games. In the parents point of view, this genre of video game seems disgusting, foul, and of poor taste. Parents believe that if their kids are exposed to these types of games, their children might perform the acts of what they are playing. Parents are understandably worried for their children playing these violent video games and the fact that there have been many school shooting

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