The Impact Of Video Games On The Gaming Industry

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Herman et all (2002) points out that history of video games begins from 1971 year, when Nutting association released 1500 machines with Spacewar video game. At the beginning it was too difficult to control the game process and playing machines had huge dimensions. But by the time with new technologies they become more compact and easier to play. According to the information given by Herman et all (2002), the period between the years of 1978-1981 is called ‘golden age’ of video game industry. In this period the arcade games ‘Football’ and ‘Space Invaders’ were released. All previously known sale records were broken by these two games with nearly equal wages. In this time interval great breakthroughs in the field of graphics were achieved, …show more content…

All that is required is just skillfully managing the keyboard. Computer life is so exciting, that sometimes people are not concerned so much on events that occur in reality, as on what is happening in the virtual world. Where, by passing different levels and achieving any success, player feels how great and powerful he is. With each passing day, the video game industry progresses, giving us the better opportunity to fully enjoy the scene. The purpose of this essay is to prove that video games bring more harm than benefits to children. Firstly in this essay, negative effects will be considered, after that it will review benefits of video games, and finally give recommendations to parents, how not to allow games to negatively influence their children.
Aimee Tompkins (2003) claims that children are being affected by everything what they see around them in the youth, and people, who see violence in the youth, always tend to be more hostile and less responsive to images of violence. That 's why parents try to border children from any possible negative influences. But they often do not even realize that by buying to child a game console, they put them into the risk. Since most video games contain violent character. According to statistics given by the ‘Children now’ organization (2001), 89% of the top-selling video games have violent character and serious violence is contained in half of them.

Under the leadership of Brad Bashman and Graig Anderson (2009) the

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