The Effects Of Viral Encephalitis On The Disease

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The disease I have chosen to explore is viral encephalitis. Encephalitis refers to brain inflammation (PDR, 2014, Diagnosis), which is rare but can be extremely dangerous (Mayo, 2014, Basics; University of Maryland, 2013, Introduction). Severe cases of encephalitis can lead to permanent damage and death (Mayo, 2014, Complications). Encephalitis can also be caused by bacteria and fungi, or develop as a result of a non-infectious cause, but encephalitis is usually caused by a virus (Mayo, 2014, Causes; PDR, 2014, Basics). Symptoms of encephalitis usually begin between 2 and 14 days from the time of infection (University of Maryland, 2013, Symptoms), though it can be months before symptoms begin, such as is sometimes the case with the…show more content…
Encephalitis infections typically last between 1 and 3 weeks (PDR, Treatment). However, depending on severity of the infection and the virus that caused it, recovery can last months and some level of impairment may be permanent, such as paralysis or exhaustion (Mayo, 2014, Complications; PDR, 2014, Treatment). It is also possible for those who have had viral encephalitis to experience seizures later in life, particularly those who had seizures during the initial infection (Gondim, 2013, Prognosis). Certain types of viral encephalitis will cause death up to 70 percent of the time, if not treated early (Gondim, 2013, Prognosis; PDR, 2014, Treatment). Viral encephalitis can either be a primary infection, with the virus directly affecting the brain (Mayo, 2014, Causes; PDR, 2014, Diagnosis), or a secondary infection, caused by the immune system attacking the brain as well as the originally affected tissues (Mayo, 2014, Causes). Secondary viral encephalitis usually takes place a couple of weeks after the original infection (Mayo, 2014, Causes). The viruses that cause encephalitis can be spread in a number of ways, depending on the particular virus. The most common ways are insect bites and person-to-person contact (University of Maryland, 2013, Causes). In the case of insect bites, the insect originally got the virus as a result of biting an infected animal, which then multiplied in the insect
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