The Effects Of War On The Environment

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The following are the interview questions used for the research.
What is war?
What are the different types of conflicts that can be classified as war?
What is your country or origin?
Has your country experienced or engaged in war since 1960s?
What are the general effects of war on the environment?
What do think are the effects of modern war and military activities on biodiversity?
How does war affect the ecosystem?
What are the effects of war on human beings and other animals?
Do you think the nuclear bombs and other chemicals used during war affect the environment?
What are the solutions to the environmental consequences of war?
Interview Findings
The effects of war on the environment varies depending on the level of war the
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In this case, 90% of the participants agreed that the adoption of nuclear weapons during international wars affected human health, plants and animal species. The participants also highlighted that depletion of raw materials used for manufacturing weapons as one of the effects of war on natural resources. One of the participants from Iraq cited the case of Gulf War caused an extensive depletion of uranium in Middle East which is accompanied by adverse health effects on humans and other animal species. Exposure to Depleted Uranium used during the Gulf War continues to affects the residents of the affected regions.
The interviewees also cited the destruction of infrastructure, water resources and soil as the other effects of war on the environment. The destruction of chemical plants and use of chemicals in wars causes contamination of water resources and mineral imbalance in agricultural soils that limit their productivity. The interview participants indicated that military machinery and explosives have caused unprecedented levels of deforestation and habitat destruction. The destruction of biodiversity by war activities has led to serious disruption of ecosystem services such as erosion control, food production and water quality. The ratings of the interviewees to the environmental elements that are affected by war were
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