The Effects Of Water Contamination On The Human Body Essay

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This research examines the effects of water contamination and how it can affect the human body. Water contamination is a growing concern globally that is not well controlled by water supply systems . Studies have shown that through prolonged exposure to harsh contaminants causes neurological and physical effects to humans resulting in disorders and diseases. Water, otherwise known as H2O, is an odorless & tasteless liquid essential in life, that supplies nutrients and allows species to continue to exist on this very Earth. It helps with functionality of the human body by regulating temperature, brain energy, muscles, relieving headaches etc. In modern times, 71 % of the Earth 's surface is covered with water while oceans hold over 96.5 % of all Earth 's water. It can be found just about anywhere from rivers and lakes to icecaps and glaciers, in the ground, and even in humans and other animals. Nearly 57 to 60% of water is found in an adult body while in infants 75 to 78% of water is found. We depend heavily on water for survival everyday. As humans, we can survive only a month without food and only a week without water, which is why it’s crucial that we maintain proper filtrations and purifications of our water systems nationwide. Globally, The United States of America (since the early 1950’s) is the only country that uses Fluoride in their water in order to lower amounts of tooth decay unlike other countries ( although such health benefits haven’t been proven nor

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