The Effects Of Water Pollution On African People

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An organization describes the effects of water pollution on the african people. Using a blog titled as “Ghana Water Project” to inform those who are coping with water pollution how serious the issue is, providing solutions to those who want to grasp the issue and take it in their own hands, and supply contact information to our research and the Safe Water Network. The Safe Water Network will receive donation that are given through our blog. The Safe Water Network is an organization that began in 2009 that installed “locally owned Safe Water Stations that would provide reliable, affordable, safe water to communities in need” (2009, para. 1). As of the water crisis currently in africa has improved because of solutions like the Safe Water Network project and the Rehabilitation of Korle Lagoon and its river. A reminder that water pollution is causing death to wildlife, the environment, and even humanity. As the Safe Water Network’s motto states “Together we can do more” (2009, para 1). Water pollution is a serious global issue that is massively affecting Africa. The lack for proper sanitation due to poverty and the inadequacy of knowledge that the african people uphold sustain an environment full of injurious pollution. As the people continue to bathe and drink in such water, lives are put at risk. As the “Ghana Water Project” we assembled an organization to provide education globally about the effects of water pollution and assist in funding the Safe Water Network
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