The Effects Of Water Pollution On Aquatic Environments

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To What Extent Does Water Pollution Affect Aquatic Environments? It is inarguable that human activities have a major impact in the environment. According to the “Secret Life of Plants” by the contributing writer at Scientific American, Ferris Jabr, one way humans affect the environment is through the uses of pesticides. The pesticides disrupt the interaction between plants and this leaves the plants defenseless against the critters that feed upon them. When I read this, I began to think how much certain human activities, such as pollution, affects the environment as a whole. As I explored this further, I began to pinpoint the most prominent issue regarding pollution; water pollution. I decided to look at how water pollution affects aquatic environments. Water pollution is a major issue in the world because they are caused in multiple ways. According to Jonas Martonas, a master of science in environmental science, industrial factories release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, increasing temperatures, and thus leading to the rise of sea levels. This can harm the habitat of plants and animals that live in the ocean. According to Alecia Spooner, a teacher of Earth and Environmental Science at Community College, such devastating effects can affect also impact humans because they depend on these plants, animals and water sources. Overall, water pollution negatively affects aquatic environments, as it harms marine animals and

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