The Effects of Climate Change on Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Climate Change on Ancient Civilizations
Previous climate change predictions have provided scientists, archaeologist and ecologists with information about the past and future of humans. These indications are backed up by scientific research based off of the physics of the Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, land and ice. In addition, many researchers have recently turned their focus to past civilizations and their downfall. With information from Mark Kinver’s “Roman Rise and Fall ‘Recorded in Trees’” studies show that from the demise of the Argaric society to the fall of the Mayan, and Ancient Roman Empire, climate change has played a key role in regards to civilizations collapse and nuclear annihilation.
Mark Kinver
According to Kivner, “warm, wet summers coincided with prosperity, while political turmoil occurred during times of climate instability.” Keeping this in mind, the study of tree growth rings has been linked to points in time where climate change has impacted the environment. Archaeologists have discovered a method of measurement among oak ring width. These methods have been used for dating artifacts, historical buildings, antique art and furniture. These patterns represent patterns of precipitation and of drought. From the studies done, researchers have concluded that during good seasons of growth, the rings tended to be broad. However, in poor growing conditions, the rings were consistently tighter. After researchers developed a chronology dating back to 2,500…

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