The Effects of Fires in Western Amazonia

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In this article we are presented with the effects of fire and wildlife dynamics in Western Amazonia. This a very intriguing article written by researchers at the Institution Technology Department of Biological Sciences in Melbourne, Florida. Researches both on local and regional scales were able to ascertain the question, if bamboo forests have historically covered an area as extensive as its current distributions? During the study, the intrigued wanted to uncover how the modern extent of bamboo could have resulted from the historical increases of fire presence and whether past invasions of bamboo dominance is persistent to the landscape and future state of Western Amazonia. Through the use of Landsat imagery, field surveys and other means of technology, these researchers were able to show the impacts of fire on bamboo in major cities of Los Amigos, Cocha Cashu, Peru, and Acre, Brazil. The purpose of this article has gained the interest of many and gives the results of how and why there is an existence of Bamboo forests in these areas today. There sole purpose was to study paired samples on local and regional scales within and outside large bamboo patches in three regions in western Amazonia (Los Amigos, Cocha Cash, and Acre). Researchers wanted to explain remote sensing techniques to contradictory explain how it has been used to map western Amazonian bamboo forests, leading to an estimation for a total extent of vegetation types. These studied bamboo species range from

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