The Effects of Industrialization

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Industrialization Table of Contents Introduction 3 How industrialism started? 4 Revolutionizing the World with Industries Back in History: 5 First Phase: A reason to move towards industrial development. 6 Three Major Developments in America: 7 Second Phase: An urge to gain what competitor nation has. 7 The Impact of industrialism, both in America, U.K. and their competitors: 9 The Positive Impacts: 9 The Negative Impacts: 11 Conclusion: 12 Bibliography 13 Industrialization Introduction This report is about rise of industrialization and the shift of power from one colony to other country. It focuses on the fruitful acts of the major powers, America and England. Starting from history, that is the urge of forming an idea to the diversified nature of industries; this report describes the various impacts of this act on the world in the 19th century. The set up of industrialism could never be understood until the history is known, and so the report starts from the meaning and is followed by the historical events which became the reason for countries to adapt or boost industrialism in 19th century. What is Industrialization? The shift of work from "hand" and "home" manufacturing to "factory" or "industrial" work (Kelly, n.d.), is the move of industrialization. Industrialization is a process which has remarkably changed the world in such a manner that now; the war is not for land like read in ancient times, to fight for kingdoms with
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