Essay about The Effects of Negative Weight Perception

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How people perceive their weight can have both positive and negative effects. Unfortunately it is more common to have negative effects. Maria Miller (2014) explains in her article, “Rock More Confidence: Sexy is a state of mind. Allow us to explain.,” that having a low self-image is exceedingly damaging to oneself. It not only leads to weight gain but can also cause health problems. Others perceptions can also have a negative effect on an individual’s well being.
Perception can have a profound impact on a person’s overall state of being. Miller (2014) explains that degrading oneself “can actually alter your physical appearance” (p. 62). Perception often negatively affects people who are of average or normal weight. This is as a result of …show more content…

81). Schafer and Ferraro (2011) discovered that their hypothesis were correct, they state “that people are likely to perceive themselves as heavier if they have perceived weight discrimination” (p. 92). They also explain, “perceived discrimination poses a threat to health” (Schafer & Ferraro, 2011, p. 92) and “the sense of being marginalized because of one’s weight can actually contribute to steeper health declines” (p. 81). These findings are congruent with what Miller (2013) wrote. Similar to how Miller (2014) discussed that lowering the self-esteem of oneself can affect well-being; Schafer and Ferraro (2011) explain how perceptions other people have of a person’s weight can affect that person’s health. Miller (2014) goes on to explain, although it is not verified, how having negative perceptions of other’s can lower one’s self-esteem and conversely having positive perceptions can raise both parties self-esteem. A facet of well being that is every so often affected by weight is mental health. Frisco, Houle, and Martin (2010) discuss in their article, “The Image in the Mirror and the Number on the Scale: Weight, Weight Perceptions, and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms,” that the stigmas that are present for people who are perceives as overweight can cause symptoms of depression (p. 216). Frisco et al., set out to determine whether

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