The Effects of Slavery on African Americans

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Enslaved African Americans faced tremendous turmoil internally and within society with all that they had to deal with. The most apparent and disastrous affects of slavery during the 18th century was the overall dissolution of society in regards to human rights, families, and the inability for slaves to voice an opinion of their own. Slavery brought forth major suffering. African American’s who were enslaved experienced many troubling and painful feelings and emotions. With slavery, came problems; physical, emotional, and traumatizing experiences. Slavery was corrupt and dehumanizing. Some of the leading factors that resulted in why slavery was so awful was the tension and conflict it caused in society, families were split up and sold off separately, and lastly, it led to extremely inappropriate and wrongful forced sexual relationships between slave masters and their slaves, specifically young girls and women. Many of the material we covered over the course of this semester in our class, explained and went into further detail regarding the corruptness and brutalities that came with slavery. “12 Years A Slave,” “American Slavery,” and “Soul By Soul,” all included valuable and honest descriptions, analysis’s, and explanations of slavery and the many effects it provoked.

There was great tension amongst white people and black people during the years of slavery and for many years…
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